Andalucía Directo visits the Real Escuela Torreluna Campus

The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in collaboration with the Yeguada Torreluna have reached an agreement to offer a training experience around the high school horse.

This project is based on the concept of Extended Education, offering 11 students with previous knowledge a training that combines the experience and knowledge of the REAAE teacher training, with the examples and means offered by Torreluna in its facilities in Carmona (Seville) .

Among the objectives of this project is the training of riders, selection of foals, dressage, preparation of horses for shows and presentation of stallions for competitions. On this campus they will have the most qualified teachers, so it is a project of excellence. The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, based in Jerez since its foundation in 1973, aims to preserve the various forms of traditional dressage and the Andalusian horse or Purebred Spanish.

In addition to the training of the riders, the selection of foals and their dressage according to their characteristics, the preparation of horses for shows and the presentation of stallions in competitions are some of the objectives of this project that began on day 1 of December and that will extend, in this first stage, until July of next year. From here, the aim is to continue with the internationalization of the Royal School, in this case in its formative aspect.






Torreluna stud

Camino la Pastora
Seville-Madrid Highway Km. 524
Carmona (Seville)
(Torrepalma detour service road)
5 minutes from Seville airport

Tel: +34 619 768 443
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