One day at the REAAE Torreluna-Marengo Campus

It dawns in Torreluna and the “children” are already busy with their tasks, first cleaning their foals, each student is responsible for two horses, their grooming, their training and preparation. You have to take care of their hygiene having the stable impeccable. With the first light of dawn, some begin to wind the initiates, while others dress their horses because the "teacher" of the School is already here. With great discipline and a schedule to meet, at 9:00 sharp the first class of the morning begins. Today it is Anaelle who starts with Bronco Torreluna, a horse that is evolving at...

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Success in breeding the Spanish purebred

With money and knowledge anyone can start breeding Spanish horses and even be successful. It seems like a simple recipe. The first ingredient is clear and needs no explanation. The second is the really difficult one. During my forty years in the horse world I have met countless PRE breeders. The "lifelong" ones, the ones that were starting when I arrived, and the new ones that I met along the way. But among all these there is a profile of a farmer that is repeated and that always caught my attention. The successful businessman, who, totally unaware of the horse world, decides to enter fully...

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How to start or improve a livestock through the purchase of embryos

How to start or improve a livestock through the purchase of embryos I invest heavily in acquiring specimens such as Remache XIII, Yaco Torreluna, Soñadora XXIX, Regatera X, Tesoro XI, Rociera XCV, Gavilán XXIX, Dinamico Torreluna, Novelero XXXIX, Yaca de Torreluna, as well as mares from Guardiola and Ayala. To advance in time, I start a reproduction program through embryo transplantation. With which each of those exceptional mares produced 4 to 10 foals a year. With which the quantity was increased without losing quality. Today we continue to select and at this time we can affirm that the...

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Reflections on the Morphological Judgment of the Pure Spanish Breed (PRE)

For the judging of the PRE, the “Qualification Record” is used as the main tool Objectivity & Subjectivity. For the judging of the PRE, the “Qualification File” (annex I of the ANCCE Judgment Manual) is used as the main tool. This consists of three notes of movements (gait, trot, gallop), 7 notes of specific regions of the horse (Head; Neck; Cross, Back and Loin; Rump and Tail; Thorax, Chest and Belly; Anterior Extremities; Posterior Extremities) and 3 general notes (Aplomos; General Condition and Morpho-Functional Harmony; Racial Fidelity). Each of these notes has a scoring scale from...

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Torreluna stud

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