How to start or improve a livestock through the purchase of embryos

How to start or improve a livestock through the purchase of embryos

I invest heavily in acquiring specimens such as Remache XIII, Yaco Torreluna, Soñadora XXIX, Regatera X, Tesoro XI, Rociera XCV, Gavilán XXIX, Dinamico Torreluna, Novelero XXXIX, Yaca de Torreluna, as well as mares from Guardiola and Ayala.

Torreluna Juzgamiento MorfológicoTo advance in time, I start a reproduction program through embryo transplantation. With which each of those exceptional mares produced 4 to 10 foals a year. With which the quantity was increased without losing quality.

Today we continue to select and at this time we can affirm that the quality of our products is better than that of their parents.

The status of a livestock is measured by how its products are. These can be of poorer quality than the parents with which the livestock is getting worse. They may be of equal quality, or the foals and fillies that are being born may outperform the parents. This is a sure sign that stallions and mares are really doing their job. And livestock is evolving for the better.

Normally, farmers do not want to sell the best products and keep them to be their future reproducers. But there are herds that sell embryos of their best mares with their best stallions. This is a fast and successful way to get what would otherwise be very difficult for price and sometimes because it is not for sale.

Nowadays almost all the production of Yeguada Torreluna is carried out through embryo transplantation.

Torreluna manual de juzgamiento

At Yeguada Torreluna we are very proud of the innumerable awards that other breeders obtain with our products, as a brief example I will mention Alba Torreluna who was world champion with Yeguada Batan, as well as Bandolero Torreluna (BAT) with the same herd that obtained a runner-up, Enamorada Torreluna runner-up with Yeguada Salvan, Destello Torreluna runner-up in the world with José María Anguas, etc. In addition to countless prizes in competitions around the world.

By this I mean that we do not keep our horses to compete ourselves, but that we have horses of sufficient quality for us and our clients, and all of this is the product of our way of breeding.

I am going to give you an example: we have taken ten embryos with our best stallions from the current runner-up in the world of Baltica Torreluna. These future foals, taking into account their parents, will be of excellent quality, and with extraordinary genetics which is extremely important to me.

If I had to start a livestock or want to improve the one I have, I would not hesitate to acquire those embryos. In the first place, I benefit from the good work of this livestock, which has demonstrated throughout its history the tremendous quality of its products. Secondly, I have the opportunity to have a specimen that surely if it had been born in the stud farm they would not want to sell it to me or they would do it at a high price for its quality. And thirdly, I introduce a genetics in my livestock that today is the best in the world of PRE.

The way to do it is very simple, it is a matter of choosing which mare or mares I want my foals to be and with which stallions. Those embryos are surely already implanted in the recipient mares. I take the catcher with me and when she stops and the foal is weaned, I return it. With which the foal is born in my house with the genetics that I have chosen.

Written for Torreluna by Manuel Serna-Borja López






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