One day at the REAAE Torreluna-Marengo Campus

It dawns in Torreluna and the “children” are already busy with their tasks, first cleaning their foals, each student is responsible for two horses, their grooming, their training and preparation. You have to take care of their hygiene having the stable impeccable.

Un día en el Campus REAAE Torreluna Marengo 2

With the first light of dawn, some begin to wind the initiates, while others dress their horses because the "teacher" of the School is already here. With great discipline and a schedule to meet, at 9:00 sharp the first class of the morning begins. Today it is Anaelle who starts with Bronco Torreluna, a horse that is evolving at an incredible rate like the excellent rider who rides it. While Anabel is warming up with Apothecary around the track, she is also paying attention to the guidelines that Rafael Soto is setting.

We leave Rafael with his “half stops” and his “back inside” and we approach the adjoining track where Manuel Mata is helping Jennifer to mount her colt, with the assurance of the one who has been doing this work for years, he is indicating to your student how to hold the reins together with the horse's mane so that it does not get scared on its first mounts. There has been a previous work and things have been done well. So …. she accepts the Amazon and begins to circle the rope, under the tutelage of her master.

Not far from there, Fermín goes around explaining to his students how to wind up so that the colt remains curved inside the circle, so that it becomes regular, so that it gains balance and confidence and thus paves the way for when it begins to tame itself.

On another track the competition team walks preparing the foals, fillies, horses and mares that are going to go to the competition. The season will begin soon, and with the desire to revalidate the titles, a few world champions, along with the aspirants, train with a specific program, some hand in hand with Antonio and others ridden by Javier.

Un día en el Campus REAAE Torreluna Marengo 3b

We return with Rafael who this time with Teodoro is used in a master class ordering changes of foot, piaffe and passage with the illusion set in Tentaero Torreluna a horse that, according to everyone, can go very far….

And so they go one by one, all the students with their respective teachers, in a place where you can breathe school, work, enthusiasm and good work. Until the time of the Theoretical class where various subjects are taught, today he plays with the veterinarian who will give a talk on anatomy.

Written for Torreluna by Manuel Serna-Borja López






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